Capuccino and cookie at Lab

Capuccino and cookie at Lab (yes, my camera does not make it justice)

Porteños love coffee, and all the rituals that it implies. We like our coffee hot, and served at our table, and spend hours reading or debating with a friend over café con leche with medialunas. The line “¿Un cafecito?” is a must after every meal. But, let’s face it, coffee in Buenos Aires is usually horrible. I’ve yet to find out why. Thankfully, a wave of exquisite Colombian coffee and talented baristas rolled in Palermo for a very necessary caffeine kick. I live in Palermo and I’m the first one to admit I should give other barrios‘ coffee a chance, but as all writing courses teach, it’s best to stick to what one knows.  All these four places have excellent brews, and you should definitely try them out.

Full City Coffee House: Great coffee and friendly atmosphere. My favourite place when I need to work or study with a Britpop soundtrack, or have a long chat with a friend. My favourites: the Flat White and the coconut lemonade. Serves an English Full Breakfast on Sundays, haven’t tried it yet but looks promising. Thames 1535.

Lattente: Smaller place, ideal for take-away or a quick cup of coffee if you happen to pass it by.  My favourite order is a macchiatto with a mouth-watering fustuca. Every Saturdays after lunch you can find Cannoli di Palermo selling their delicious cannolis and sfogliatellas and other Italian treats outside the shop. On Sundays Sheikob’s Bagels makes an stellar appearance after 11:30 am for an ideal Sunday brunch. Thames 1898.

Lab Tostadores de Café: Open space, ideal for an informal work meeting or a casual chat with friends. I loved the chocolate chip cookies, and the cappuccino I had was perfection itself. I’m yet to try the iced coffee. Humboldt 1542.

Ninina Bakery: Lovely space with an open kitchen. Perfect for brunch/tea with family members or a group of friends.Their scones and muffins are to die for. It’s usually very busy and a bit noisy, so not ideal for work, unless you go very early (what I usually do on the weekends). The staff is a bit slow sometimes. Gorriti 4738.

Image by Nathan Snider under a CC license

Image by Nathan Snider under a CC license


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